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4 hair myths you need to stop Believing!

You may be heard about some hair myths like cutting your hair make it grow faster or if you have oily hair don’t use conditioner. We have accepted those myth as scientific facts, though they have no proof of it. Let’s uncover the most common hair misconception out there.

MYTH 1: Cutting your hair frequently makes it grow faster.

TRUTH- Hair growth occurs at the roots, not at the ends, so cutting the ends of your hair doesn’t actually affect the follicle that are responsible for your hair’s growth. Still, while regular trims may not affect how fast or how much your hair grows.

MYTH 2: If you pluck one gray hair, two more will grow in its place.

TRUTH: No one know where this one came from, but it’s totally false.Hair myth, about tweezing your gray hairs won’t lead to more gray hairs. Gray hairs are appear mostly due to genetics and aging. Still, it’s not advisable to pluck your grays. Let the mother nature do her work.

MYTH 3: Frequent shampooing damages your hair.

TRUTH: you’ve likely heard that frequent shampooing can cause severe damage to your strands. Yeah, totally false. How often you cleanse your hair depends on the hair type, hairstyle and lifestyle. You should always make sure you’re washing your hair with a shampoo that’s fit for your hair type. Wash at least every couple of days, as infrequent washing can lead to a buildup of dead cells, oil, and bacteria—all of which can cause inflammation.

MYTH 4: You should skip conditioner if you have greasy hair.

TRUTH: Greasy hair is not a result of conditioning your hair. Instead, greasyness is because of too much sebum(a type of oil your body naturally produces). It’s produce by the scalp tissues, causing buildup. Like a proper shampoo then, conditioner is not only okay for oily hair types but also necessary. It helps to provide a healthy dose of hydration and nourishment.

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