The Bollywood lifestyle might look exciting to everyone but it comes up with a number of cons. One of the major cons is the accidents and health problems that come along with the tedious and exhausting shoots. Recently, Abhishek Bachchan was seen after an accident. Abhishek Bachchan recently underwent a surgery for a fracture.

Abhishek Bachchan’s hand got damaged while shooting for a movie. Abhishek Bachchan shared a post of him and all the other Bollywood celebrities sent heart-warming ‘get well soon’ messages. According to the reports, Abhishek went through a major surgery of his hand at the Lilavati Hospital in Mumbai. It also stated that the actor got his hand injured while shooting for Dasvi in Agra and the injury required proper consultation.

Abhishek Bachchan who was shooting in Agra is now back at home and recovering from the injury. Abhishek has been posting regular updates on his social media regarding his journey. The family members and fans of the superstar are concerned about the actor. Aishwarya Rai Bachchan was seen visiting hubby Abhishek in the hospital.

Abhishek posted a picture captioned, “As they say… The show must go n! And as my father said…. Mard Ko dard nahin hota! Ok, ok, ok it hurt a little. ” the amusing caption stirred a ray of hope among his fans that he will get cured soon. Abhishek’s close friend  also put a comment that praised Abhishek for his most complicated keds even when his one hand is injured.

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