Abhishek Malik had a beautiful pre-wedding photoshoot with fiancée Suhani Choudhary, who also narrated their love story. The couple have been sharing pictures from their pre-wedding photoshoot on their Instagram accounts and their amazing love story is visible from their shared chemistry. 

Suhani shared their love story with Wedding Net, talking about how they started saying, “We became acquainted with each other through Instagram in 2019. We started talking to each other normally but we always knew this would never work since he was in Bombay doing shows and I was here in Delhi working plus we’d never met.”

“Checking on each other as if we are a couple and we literally had no plans to meet in different cities. He came to Delhi in March, 2020 since it was locked down. We got in touch and finally met for a campaign in November. But apparently we talked about almost everything possible on earth except the work,” says Suhani.

She added, “Strange but I guess that’s what love makes you do. This never happened to me before. We kept on talking about life, goals, and future. So that’s how we initially got close by meeting often. I had one thing clear in my mind that I didn’t wanna date anybody anymore, I just wanted to get married (jab bhi ho basically) with no dating scene. So I was very adamant about it and he kinda accepted the fact that I was not looking for anything casual.”

“After my birthday (which was on 31st December) he went back to Bombay and resumed work and he went with a heavy heart because he didn’t wanna say goodbye to me already. After he left, I realised that I had felt something different with him all that while when he was here. And one fine day, he said Shadi karlete hain, and his mom called up. My heart pounded with a surprise!!”

“We spoke on the phone regarding this, both of us being nervous since we had spent very little time with each other, but at heart we both thought it was the right thing to do. His mom came, met my family while he was still in Bombay and imagined in two meetings everybody had decided to get us rokafied. My mom, dad and my entire family hadn’t even met Abhishek properly before. So b

asically they all met him on our roka and decided on forever.” Suhani added.

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