Taliban has taken over Afghanistan after US decides to end the 20 year long war and withdraws troops from the Afghanistan land. The Taliban was previously connected with the terrorist groups that were responsible for the 26/11 attack on the USA.

After the attack, the US Government decided to take over Afghanistan and search for the terrorist groups responsible for the event. The US Government placed its military base over there. Since, then the US government has been protecting the people of Afghanistan from Taliban. The US government after facing causalities for years, took the US base out and made a pact with the Talibans. According to the pact, there will be no involvement with terrorist groups and the Talibans will take most parts of the country.

Taliban are believed to follow a different form of religion where the women face a lot of atrocities. The women are not allowed to work, got to college or schools, or wear according to their free will. The young women are forcefully married to elder men in exchange of cash and sexual assault. The main reason why Taliban government is not liked by the Afghans is because of the atrocities on the little women and the people.

The Afghans were seen leaving Afghanistan. There were huge troops of people when help themselves on the wheel of the airplanes as a result of which fell back and died in the disastrous atmosphere. They were also seen getting away with the US planes. The Talibans were seen doing open fires and taking away the flag of Afghanistan.

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