The all-girl robotics team from Afghanistan inspired the world by building a ventilator using old car parts. They made their country proud, and now they desperately want to flee from their own country as the Afghanistan scenario continues to ruin by the Taliban.

They’re searching for to get assist from the Canadian Authorities. The ladies are actually begging the Canadian Authorities, US human rights lawyer Kimberley Motley instructed broadcaster CBS Information.

Human rights lawyer Kimberly Motley
Human rights lawyer Kimberly Motley

She called the girls’ meeting with Trudeau in 2018 a “huge life-changing experience.”

““They came to Canada, they competed in Canada, and actually they won the competition and they won the Rookie Star Award when they came there, which was the highest honor that they could win in their category for a robotics competition,” Motley said.

“And so they want to be educated. They want to be in a safe place. They want to make Afghanistan proud, and they want to make the world proud and to continue on with their robotics dreams, their A.I. dreams,” she added. “And they believe that Canada would be an amazing place to continue to basically have a future.”

The all-girls group want to be educated and have a better future. However, the present scenario of Afghanistan is devastated. All women are being turned away from, universities and work.

Their future of all-girls robotic team lies in nations such as to Canada and United States.













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