Actor Anil Kapoor who is well known for his versatile acting skills celebrates 20 years of Nayak today. The film is still broadcasted on all channels and is immensely loved by the fans. Anil Kapoor talks about how he pursued the role of the director Shankar even after both Shah Rukh and Aamir Khan passed it.

The movie wasn’t a big success on it’s release but with time people grew interest in the movie and started enjoying it even more. Nayak was the story was a common new reporter who gets into situations that leads him to become ONE day Chief Minister of Bombay. The story highlights the controversies in the political world. The story is unique and the character of a common man was beautifully woven.

The connection of the movie with the common man connected much with people and thus this film emerged as a cult film. Anil Kapoor recalls how he pursued the director to give him a shot for the movie. The actor further added that he is grateful he took such a decision. The film not only gave exposure but also showed a different side of Anil Kapoor to the audience.

Anil Kapoor said, “Honestly, all we knew while making the film was that it would be something special. Something for the ages. We had no clue it would gain the kind of traction that it did. I think it’s the subject matter that is just so relevant and relatable. The people, the government and the tensions therein will always remain a topic of great interest and personal relevance”.

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