Ankita Lokhande was in deep trauma after the death of Sushant Singh Rajput. Ankita and the young actor dated for a long time. The two even did a whole show together under the Balaji tele films umbrella called Pavitra Rishta. While the whole world has moved from SSr’s tragedy Ankita still remembers him.

Ankita Lokhande in a interview talked about how every time she hears the title track of the Zee TV series Pavitra Rishta, she gets reminded of Sushant Singh Rajput. She further opened up and said how the thought pf the song brings so many memories for her. She added that Sushant was like Manav to her. Ankita has been quite vocal about her bond with SSR and misses him.

Ankita said,”When I hear the title track of Pavitra Rishta, I get that feeling of Sushant as Manav. Because that was the first time we had met, and we had shot for the song. This was our first meeting I remember, and he had said ‘Hi, I am Sushant Singh Rajput’. I get goosebumps even today when I hear that song. But apart from that, when Shaheer and I used to perform – you see Manav. He doesn’t see Ankita in me, he sees Archana in me. Similarly, I see Manav in Shaheer”

She also talked about how the love of Manav for Archana was she praised and love for those six and a half years. Archana’s current co-actor has been a support for her all throughout the making of the new season.

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