Anupamaa breaks records weeks after weeks by being on the top with best TRP in the whole TV industry. While it becomes a pressure for the cast and crew to make it stay on the top, the new plots are always adding more spice and interest. With newer episodes and introduction of new members, Anupamaa keeps on rocking the TV screens of thousands.

The newest twist is the one on which the whole serial is based. Being irked by Anupamaa’s life choices and popularity with Anuj Kapadia, Vanraj asks Anupamaa to refuse Anuj’s offer. Anuj Kapadia accepted Anupamaa’s proposal refusing Vanraj and Kavya’s. This agitates Vanraj and hence he tells Anupamaa to leave her proposal too.

Vanraj who has been showed as an egoistic, make-centric figure tries putting his supremacy over Anupamaa yet again by telling her what to do and what not to. The astonishing fact is that Baa yet again supports her son and tells Anupamaa to refuse the offer. Anupamaa who feels bad, is now put into a dilemma. Anupamaa was extremely happy when the news of her new venture’s approval got delivered to her.

Anuj Kapadia and his growing feeling for Anupamaa will be really nice to be seen in future. Anupamaa also gets excited when Anuj Kapadia bought Ghungroo for her. But Vanraj being the egoistic person he is breaks them. Anupamaa feels bad. Kavya who is jealous of Anupamaa feels happy after seeing her sad. It will be interesting to know what will happen next in the story.

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