Anupamaa has taken a major turn with the entry of new lead Anuj Kapadia. While Anupamma was now finally focusing on herself, the new lead has been introduced with a new angle in mind. The Anupamma fans will get infuriated when Vanraj will once again shame Anumpamaa for being friends with Anuj Kapadia.

In the upcoming episodes, all with all the fun and excitement there will also be disapproval from Vanraj and Kavya. The new episodes will portray Anupamaa being all excited for her new venture with Anuj Kapadia. Anuj will hear to Anupamaa’s proposal and accept it with deep admiration. This will make the duo Kavya and Vanraj really unhappy.

Kavya and Vanraj will get extremely unhappy on hearing the Anuj is ready to invest in Anupamaa’s idea rather than their own. A jealous Vanraj will scream at Anupamaa and claim Anuj for being unbiased. He will shout at her for bagging the partnership. Anuj who still has a crush over Anupamaa sees this as an opportunity to take things faster with her. Anupamaa after the fight also gets furious and yells back at Mr. Shah.

Anuj is getting closer to Anupama day by day. He respects and adores her. He doesn’t bother her with any of her family or business work. Gopi Kaka tries to explain Anuj that its in his destiny to stay close to Anupamaa now. Howsoever there changes will grow, they will prove to be a drastic plot change In the whole serial amazing the audience!

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