Anupamaa is a Hindi-language serial directed by Rajan and Deepa Shahi. Vanraj, Anupamaa’s ex-husband, has always been an arrogant and dominating person, even after life had given him chances to change his attitude.

 When Anuj Kapadia expressed that he wanted to be a business partner with Anupamaa, he couldn’t allow it. He couldn’t see Anupamaa trample his arrogancy by working with another man. It was insulting to him as she worked in a higher position than him. He also couldn’t let Anupamaa fall for Anuj Kapadia in the long run.

In the serial, after handing over the agreement papers, Anuj somehow gets the courage to ask Anupamaa’s phone number after 26 long years. Then, she meets Devika and tells her that she has accepted to work with Anuj. She also thanks her for motivating her when she required it the most.

Later when Anuj calls Vanraj and his family for the Ganesha celebration, he refuses it. He also tells his family members not to go. However, Babuji informs them that he would surely go for the celebration. Later, Kavya stops Vanraj from calling Anuj. She advises him that Anupamaa being his weak spot should be targeted to let out his anger instead of Anuj himself.

In the upcoming episode, the audience will enjoy seeing the way Vanraj would let out his anger. He will remove all the special dishes by Anupamaa from his cafe menu.

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