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Anushka Sharma upgrades our Winter wardrobe

After putting the clothes we wore for Diwali back into storage, out come the winter clothes. Wintertime is everyone’s favorite since there is no unnecessary sweating, loads of hot chocolate with marshmallows at bonfire campings, and cozy blankets. This list could go on and on. As one of the coolest celebs in Bollywood, Anushka Sharma is known for her cool attitude. She has enthralled us with her casual style and energetic personality. Her fashionista pics posted on Instagram captures many eyes of the netizens complimenting her style. Here are a few clothing items you must have in your wardrobe picked out by the best: Anushka Sharma. 


Overall, Anushka has a very casual bruh girl type of style and we love it! On her Instagram account, she shared a picture of herself wearing a very basic yet chic outfit. She wore a simple rounded t-shirt with ripped wide-leg pants. To top it off, she styled her fit with a Sabyasachi X H&M biker jacket.  Accessorizing with layered necklaces, hoops, and a Prada drawstring bag, she brought the look together.


Fall isn’t anything without heaps of sweatshirts and oversized hoodies, right? I think Anushka agrees with us. While goofing around the park, Anushka wore a pink sweatshirt paired with flared jeans and ripped denim. Wearing her hair in a bun, she looked almost relatable. I would wear that outfit everywhere for the rest of the winter season. 


Cardigans are a huge fashion must during the winters. Not only does it style you from 0 to 100, but it also conveys a modest but elegant appearance. They’re tricky to style, but our queen did a fabulous job! With an olive green cardigan and blue mom jeans, Anushka wore a white t-shirt under a green cardigan. 

Knitted Sweaters

Winter is all about… SWEATERS! Well, they might look boring and mainstream, you can never let your fit be called boring. Instead, improvise and style it as Anushka did. It’s hard to believe how stunning and adorable she looks in her cropped white sweater with chunky black buttons and mom jeans paired with gold hoops.   

Puffer Jackets

A personal favorite, Puffer jacket is the way to go. Not only are they floofy and prevent you from all the stone-cold icy wind but they are a delight to style. Despite their practicality, people don’t wear them because they look oversized. Well, you must wear two layers of color, just as Anushka did. To wear her giant puffer, she teamed skinny pants with fur boots.


We all know our mothers were right when they said to cover our ears during winter otherwise we might catch a cold. A beanie is a perfect way to keep those ears warm. Add a colorful beanie for an extra bit of funk.

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