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AR Rahman describes his work experience on Rajinikanth movies as hell

The Kun Faya Kun singer, AR Rahman, shared his unpleasant experience while working for Rajinikanth movies. He describes it as “Hell” in a recent interview with ​​Our Stupid Reactions YouTube channel due to the tight deadlines and immense pressure. Just like any other artist faces creative blocks, he did too. Multiple times. However, his biggest concern was the pressure burden forced on him. 

“At least now it’s better, but before it used to be, we start in March, when I used to do Rajinikanth movies… This movie will have to release by Diwali, they will say. And then, I will have to do the songs, I will have to do the background, and the electricity used to be very funky at my place. We used to have two generators stationed. It was hell.” 

Due to his involvement in other projects that he would work on simultaneously, he would have to prioritize his Rajinikanth movies work more.“I used to do three movies, so the other directors would say, ‘My stuff is coming on Diwali too, AR’. It was hell. I used to hate all these festivals because they used to give me hell, whether it was Diwali or New Year, or Pongal. After all, I never used to enjoy it. Now, there’s much more leisure.” he added.  

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