The final episode of the American comedy series, Brooklyn 99 has finally reached its conclusion. This show has been an audience favourite for many years, and its final episode has already been aired in the US. Fans all over the world are emotional about the fact that they have to let go of their favourite show after eight years of airing. 

It is said that the last episode has been super epic and it will forever reshape the 99. Of course, since it was the last episode, there were special guests included like Jake’s cannibal friend Caleb, our most favourite psychopath Adrian Pimento and many others. If you are an avid watcher of the series, you would probably know the other special cast members as well.

It is also said that the fans will love the format and direction of the episode and if you are invested in the regular shenanigans of our most favourite troupe over the past eight years like I have been, then this 50 minute double episode will definitely bring you to the verge of tears. 

Hey, I warned you.

While this was a tricky season, with the makers and writers leaning more into the political scene of America, it was still enjoyable to watch. Most fans liked the non political take this show had going on, but in light of recent events, following the murder of George Floyd by a police officer, they just simply could not ignore the institutional racism that law enforcement has carried on for centuries. 

So it was bound to get political at some point, and personally, I feel better that this was acknowledged, instead of brushed over like every other cop show does. 

While the show has several political stands, not every moment of it was dedicated to it. The show still remains comedic and has many funny and comforting moments for fans to enjoy. The finale was the proof of it. 

With this, we all must get ready to say goodbye to our loveable cast of cops who made the last eight years light and comforting with their daily wholesome chaos.

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