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BTS sends out a message of hope to the “Welcome” Generation as they address World leaders at UNGA

Newly appointed South Korean Special Presidential Envoy for Future Generation and Culture, K-pop sensation BTS, consisting of members RM, Jin, Suga, J-Hope, Jimin, V, and Jungkook, addressed the UNGA event Sustainable Development Goals Moment 2021 today. BTS is known for using their music and artistry to help the young find their voice. “The artist most loved by people around the world, Who have been appointed Special Presidential  Envoy for Future Generation and Culture. We will hear their stories. Outstanding group of young men who are connecting with the youth across the world, BTS”, said South Korean President Moon Jae In, as he introduced the band.

The group’s leader RM opened the speech saying, we’re are here to share the stories of our future generation and about the world they live in. The members took turns as they gave voice to the fears and disappointment faced by teens and people in their 20s as the pandemic led the world to a sudden halt. Admitting how there were moments when he too felt “bewildered” and “troubled” Jin says that he was encouraged by people who cried “Let’s live on, let’s make the most of this moment. Sharing how there were many feeling as “if they are stuck in the same place as they were yesterday, “It wasn’t as if we could blame anyone. You must’ve felt the frustration“, Jimin said.

Adding how heartbreaking it was to hear the the cancellation of events such as entrance and graduation ceremonies as they are something that needs to be celebrated, as well as their world tour Jungkook says It must’ve been upsetting. Suga added that it was a time to discover how precious each and every moment taken for granted were”.

On the issue of Climate Change, member J-hope added that “We talked about the things we mourned and I shudder to think about mourning for the Earth. Everyone agrees that Climate Change is an important problem but talking about what the best solution might be that’s not easy.

Emphasizing on importance of intergenerational dialogue and the potential of the youth, V says So I hope we don’t consider the world as grim darkness. we have people who are concerned for the world and searching for the answers. There are still many pages left in the story about us and I thought we shouldn’t talk like the endings been already written

Pointing out how young people adapted to the pandemic, they highlighted how the youth have made the most out of virtual opportunities in various forms from online friendships to activism. Further encouraging, Jin added, I think that’s why instead of the “lost” generation a more appropriate term would be the “welcome” generation because instead of fearing change, this generation says ‘Welcome’ and keeps forging ahead.”

Check their full speech below:

Ending on a hopeful note, they showcased their Permission to Dance performance as their welcome message to future generations along with the hope of a brighter future. The septet pours out mesmerizing vocals as they tour the empty UNGA Hall, finally joining people out on the the streets of New York for a dance. Watch the full performance below:

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