Comedy movies are considered family films. They are not even near to boring even after watching them several times. While the comedy films of today are mostly escapist in nature, some old gems from old times are no less than them. Below are some of Bollywoods’ funniest movies of all time.

1) Andaz Apna Apna

Released in 1994, Andaz Apna Apna is a comedy film directed by Rajkumar Santoshi. The movie stars Salman Khan, Amir Khan, Karisma Kapoor, Raveena Tandon, Paresh Rawal, and Shakti Kapoor in the lead roles. Two boys compete to win the heart of an heiress and in turn, end up protecting her from crimes. While the film fared averagely when it hit the screens, it currently holds the reputation of being a cult classic. The dialogue of this movie has been quoted, re-quoted, and inducted into modern conversation and culture. That’s the greatness of this quirky comedy.

2) Chashme Baddoor

Released in 1981, Chashme Baddoor is a romantic-comedy film starring Farooq Sheikh, Deepti Naval, Rakesh Bedi, Ravi Baswani, and Saeed Jaffrey. The film is directed by Sai Paranipye. It is about three roommates who fall for the same girl. While two of them lose, one wins her heart. All that goes on between the other two trying to split them up. A happy ending is lapped with oodles of laughter. 

3) Hera Pheri

Hera Pheri is a 2000 comedy film directed by Priyadarshan, starring Akshay Kumar, Sunil Shetty, Paresh Rawal, and Tabu. The film is basically a remake of the 1989 Malayalam film Ramji Rao Speaking. This movie revolves around a troublesome trio and how they get involved in a dangerous case of kidnapping.

4) Gol Maal

Released in 1979, Gol Maal is a comedy film directed by Hrishikesh Mukherjee. A job hunt, fake moustache, a hockey match – confusion was never so funny. Utpal Dutt’s cacophonous laughter and shrieks are still a legend.

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