The Bigg Boss house has always been place for fights, breakups and patchups. In between the fights and wars between the contestants, there has been an emergence of love between the two Bigg Boss contestants, Pratik Sehajpal and Neha Bhasin. The singer has been in multiple fights with Pratik over the span of time but everytime they end up patching up.

Moose and Akshara singh were seen discussing the closeness between the two. The fights and patch-ups between Neha and Pratik have been confusing for everyone in the house. Pratik has been close to Akshar Singh from the start but the rumours are making her and her best friend Moose aka Muskan Jattana insecure.

In the last few episodes, Pratik and Neha have been seen bonding and having fun together. In the recent task they were seen having a gala time together. Neha also took an apple from Pratik’s hand and started eating it halfway in between. Pratik however, took the apple inside and threw it into the dustbin. Neha loves teasing Pratik but this is developing understandings between Pratik and her connection Akshara Singh.

Before the domino making task Pratik saw Akshara being sad at one end. He went to her and asked her the reason. He decided to not be a part of Neha and Akshara’s matter, as he knows they can handle it. He then paired up with Akshara for the task.

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