Justin Bieber got famous with the popularity and stardom at a very young age  because of his talent. The singer got into the news by the outbreak of his track “Baby”. The song is still loved and praised by audience till date. Justin Bieber since then has given some immensely great content through his songs that are vastly loved and praised by his fans.

Michael D. Ratner who is an award winning filmmaker is all set to release his documentary “Justin Bieber: Our World” through OTT platform Amazon Prime video on the 8th October. According to the reports, the documentary will cover the life of the pop star and his first full concert in three years. The documentary is produced by Ratner’s OBB Pictures, Bieber Telefilms and Scooter Braun Films.

The Documentary is a huge joint venture and will be a blockbuster hit among the fans. Justin once strained in an interview on why he loves performing with fans. He said, “Performing live and connecting with my fans through music is deeply meaningful to me.” He also talked about how important it is for him to make his fans happy and share a service of happiness with then in regards with the Covid outbreak.

The documentary will take you backstage and into the life of the great singer. It will also share with you hot the young singer rose to the wall of fame. The documentary also features self-shot and personal moments of him and his wife Hailey. We are excited for his new documentary!

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