Relationships and families have always been a major part of the B-Town stars. We can easily witness relationships and families between different people of the Bollywood industry. While it becomes difficult for people to maintain relationships in Bollywood there are many relationships that are still taken care of and are respected with full dignity.

One such relationship is of the Arora Sisters. Malaika Arora and Amrita Arora share a deep and beautiful relationship together. The two have been seen together in the industry, in parties and get together. While it is a family affair or a friend’s party the two always make it a point to stick together no matter what. The best part of their sisterhood is the amount of respect, love and fun they share with each other.

Sisters Malaika and Amrita are usually really active through their instagram. Recently, they took the viral ‘Touch IT’ challenge by KiDi. Malaika shared the video with a caption, “Succumbed…Hips don’t lie!”. The video was hilarious and showed the two actresses dancing with their shaking hips. At one point, Amrita knocks Malaika out of the frame with her butt. The video made their fans fall in love with their sisterhood.

These types of challenges have been actively taken up by the B-Town stars. Whether it be Shilpa Shetty, Geeta Kapur or Farah Khan, stars have been seen enjoying such challenges. Reels and such challenges is a good way to get engrossed with fans and entertain them in every way possible.

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