Mira Rajput celebrates yet another year of gracefulness and beauty as she turns 27 today. Mira is a mum of two children and a star housewife, but she has never left a chance to change the world and leave her own impact. She is a lover for pop culture, fitness and fashion. Her distinctive yet personal taste makes her stand out.

Mira Rajput got married to Shahid Kapoor is 2015 and since then she has never left a chance to make her vital presence on the social media. She has a following of 2.8 Million on Instagram. She conducts sessions on yoga, tips and tricks as a mother, fitness, fashion and food on her social media. Her pivotal role in making her social Medias lively has made her reach the level of sophistication.

With her posts one could easily feel how relatable she is to a normal person like us. Mira Rajput loves fitness be it yoga, cross fit or skipping. She makes sure to motivate her following to kick endophins every day and take up fitness. She loves to binge watch shows late at night like us. She recently shared a picture from The Crown and Schitt’s Creek. She talked about what struck with her from the show and her own opinions about the show.

Mira loves home cooked food and never leaves a chance to try new home cooked recipes. She loves Sindhi food and keeps experimenting with new dishes in her own kitchen. She shares pictures of her food on her social media giving rise to involvement on large scale. Mira never fails to spend time with her family and herself. She keeps on reminding her INSTA fam on how important family and self-care is.

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