Hindi Diwas is a festival that marks the importance of Hindi language among people. It also embraces the importance and the highlights of language instilling a spirit among people all over the world. Hindi Diwas is celebrated on September 14 every year. The day marks the adaptation of Hindi language in Devanagiri script as one of the official languages of India.

The day promotes Hindi language and prevents the outgrown influence of English language on the country to preserve the rich heritage the language brings along with it. Hindi Diwas was first celebrated in 1953. On September 14, 1949 the constitution accepted Hindi as the official language of the country. Hindi is considered as one of the easiest language to learn and read.

The word ‘Hindi’ is derived from Hind that translates to the last of Indus River. The name Hindustan is in symbolism to Hindi. Bihar was the first state that declared Hindi as its official language in the year 1881. Being pronounced and written in the same manner, it gets easier for people to learn and understand Hindi.

It is generally possible to read and write in any potential sound in Hindi. The first Hindi type writers were made in 1930. Many English words like avatar, khaki, guru, jungle, shampoo have been borrowed from the Hindi language. World Hindi Diwas marking the importance of Hindi worldwide, is celebrated on January 10.

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