Horror movies are loved by people. They give a safe way to experience the heart-pounding adrenaline rush of a life-or-death situation. Filmmakers use these kinds of movies to tackle serious issues in a creative way. Here are some super horror movie list that is challenging to be watched in a group, let alone watching it yourself.

1) The Blair Witch Project

The Blair Witch Project is an American supernatural horror film released in the year 1999. It was directed and edited by Daniel Myrick and Eduardo Sanchez. It is the fictional story of three student filmmakers – Heather Donahue, Michael C Williams, and Joshua Leonard. The three disappear, but their equipment and footage are discovered a year later. The purportedly ‘recovered footage’ is the film the audience see. The slow, tense build-up and the commitment to realism make the film hard to watch alone.

2) The Shining

Released in 1980, The Shining is a psychological horror film produced and directed by Stanley Kubrick. The film is based on Stephen King’s novel of the same name. the movie stars are Jack Nickolson, Shelley Duvall, Scatman Crothers, and Danny Lloyd.

The film’s central character is Jack Nicholson, an aspiring writer and recovering alcoholic who accepts a position as the off-season caretaker of an isolated Overlook hotel. He goes there with his wife and son. Danny, his son, is gifted with ‘The Shining’, psychic abilities that enable him to see into the hotel’s terrific past. As a winter storm leaves the Nicholson family snowbound, Jack’s sanity deteriorates. It is because of the influence of the supernatural forces that inhabit the hotel.

3) Halloween

Halloween is a 1987 American slasher film directed by John Carpenter. The movie is based upon a mental patient who was committed to a sanitarium for murdering his babysitting teenage sister on Halloween night when he was six years old. Fifteen years later, he escapes and returns to his hometown, where he stalks a female babysitter and her friends, while under pursuit by his psychiatrist. It spawned a massive franchise that frequently took dives into the ridiculous, but the first movie is still a fraught and haunting experience.

4) It Follows

Released in 2014, It Follows is an American supernatural horror film written and directed by Davis Robert Mitchell. The movie follows a college student named Jay who starts being pursued by a supernatural creature after a sexual encounter with her new boyfriend. The creature which only Jay can see takes on many different human appearances. The terror of the unknown and the implacable march of death makes it a frightening experience even in a group, let alone braving it on your own.

5) Hereditary

Hereditary is a 2018 American supernatural horror film written and directed by Ari Aster. The film revolves around Toni Collette, Alex Wolff, Milly Shapiro, and Gabriel Byrne as a family haunted by mysterious presence after the death of their secretive grandmother. But the horror isn’t just limited to the supernatural elements.

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