After the historic win of Neeraj Chopra in the Tokyo Olympics 2020 the headlines have been captured by the young player. He created history by successful a gold medal in Men’s Javelin throw and giving India its first gold of the season.

He created an inspiration by qualifying in the first round with 86.65m. Following the first round, he made a marvellous throw of 87.03m and made a record breaking throw of 87.58m in his second try successful the gold medal. His tough opponents J.Vadlech and V.Vesley made a tough competitors with a throw of 86.67m and 85.44m respectively.

The young participant was praised by politicians, directors, actors. He grabbed the attention of hundreds of individuals by his outstanding achievement. After his achievement, his popularity started to rise with surfacing videos, previous interviews and pictures all around the internet. In one of his interviews, he talked about how he had no concept about Javelin throw.

Television anchor Navika Kumar in an interview, asked him about his love life. He replied to the question by saying “No, I don’t have a girlfriend. My only focus as of now is sports.” The young, proficient, dashing sportsman has won the hearts of many with his win but also with his looks. All over the world people are going mad about the mad for his dedication and his good looks with the rustic haircut. The attention grabbed has made an enormous increase to the variety of followers in his real and social media life.

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