Afghanistan’s condition has deteriorated, the situation there is no less than a disaster as the Taliban will do nothing good in their favor. Terror of fear and panic has been seen in Afghanistan since the day the Taliban had taken control over the Kabul state. Taliban seized Kabul on 15th August 2021. While Indians celebrated Independence day, these Afghans were devastated and lost their lives for which they were not even responsible! 

Taliban’s declared that “War is over”. Is the war still over where people are fighting for their rights? Where people just want to escape from Afghanistan to protect themselves and their families. Where people are making appeals on Social handles to help. And then the Taliban’s claimed that war is over!? The war has started now when the world stands together with Afghanistan and assists them to escape and fight against this situation.

Taliban’s resurgence raised the fear that women’s rights could be all eliminated again in Afghanistan and they were held to be homebound. Now, the Afghani women are worried about their future as the Sharia law is again imposed in the country. The situation there has become even worse as the Afghani women are forced to marry Taliban commanders. Today, Afghani women are facing the worst kind of human rights that we could ever have imagined! 

Giving a little brief about what happened in the 1990s when there was the rule of Taliban between 1996 to 2001 they imposed their strict version of Sharia. The right for women to have an education was banned. In fact television, cinemas everything was restricted and for women not even allowed. They were only allowed to wear burqas and cover all their body. Men were made to grow long beard.

Later, the US came in the support of Afghans and they sent their army to Afghanistan to protect them from the Taliban’s for over two decades the US army was there to protect Afghans from any attack. But, in April 2021 Joe Biden, the president of the US said that they will bring their army back to the US in September. Henceforth, without even informing the Afghanistan government they left at midnight. In less than a few weeks only the Taliban procured and regained control over Afghanistan.

Zahibhulla Mujahid the spokesperson of the Taliban had made a statement in a press conference that all the women in Afghanistan will be given their basic rights. They will not be expelled from any right and will be allowed to work, go to school & College, and office within the limits of Islamic law. Also, claiming that no harsh rules will be imposed on the people of Afghanistan.

Still, we don’t have any assurance regarding the statement keeping in view the present scenario where people are bashed out if they were not seen following their rules and regulations. The reality will remain different if we look at the history of Afghanistan. The Golden era is now no more! 

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