On September 24 at 1 p.m. KST, the girl group released their first full album “CRAZY IN LOVE” along with the music video for the title track.

With composition and lyrics by producing team GALACTIKA, “LOCO” is a Neo Fusion Groove track, combining elements of Fusion Groove, Latin dance, Moombahton, and trap sounds. The song expresses the rollercoaster ride of emotions involved with love. For those who don’t know, team GALACIKA is popular for creating amazing rock and pop music and has worked with has produced some of the greatest songs of Itzy, like Wannabe and Dalla Dalla. 

Watch the music video below

One of the most popular 4th Generation K-pop girl groups, Itzy consisting of members Yeji, Ryujin, Lia, Chaeryoung, and Yuna, had first introduced their album Crazing In Love on August 13 with a poster. Crazy In Love’ is ITZY’s first comeback since the release of their fourth mini-album ‘Guess Who’ and its lead single ‘Mafia In The Morning’ in April. 

The new album is a 16 track album including instrumentals of previous releases.


1. ‘LOCO’ – Title track
2. ‘SWIPE’
3. ‘Sooo LUCKY’
4. ‘#Twenty’
5. ‘B(OO)M-BOXX’
6. ‘Gas Me Up’
7. ‘LOVE is’
8. ‘Chillin’ Chillin’’
9. ‘Mirror’
10. ‘LOCO’ (English version)
11. ‘Dalla Dalla’ (Instrumental version)
12. ‘ICY’ (Instrumental version)
13. ‘WANNABE’ (Instrumental version)
14. ‘Not Shy (Instrumental version)
15. MAFIA In the morning (Instrumental version)
16. ‘LOCO’ (Instrumental version)

Congratulations ITZY! Stream LOCO!

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