Harsha Rathi, a fashion student in Jaipur city has created a huge new fashion collection for elderly people and people with Alzheimer’s. Harsha has named her collection ‘Time Whisperer’. She wanted to be a help for people in every possible way and hence, decided on launching her own collection. This huge step is definitely a motivation for others out there.

Harsha Rathi expressed her grief how her own grandfather struggled with Alzheimer’s and seeing him struggle was the worst feeling, so she decided to make this innovative collection. Harsha explained that the garment is a slow- made, easily wearable and is tailored for full care. She made it a point to ensure maximum precaution and function while making the dress.

The dress aims at improving the quality of life of elderly with the help of a wide range of clothing products specially designed for mobility, support, medical helps and hygiene. The garment can also monitor one’s health. The garment will be manufactured within two cities Kolkata and Jaipur that are considered as the hub for textiles.

Harsha made it a point to source cloth from remote localities and support the local handicrafts. The natural dyes and colors make the garment comfortable and fashionable. She further explains how seeing her own grandfather struggling to find a perfect garment paved way for her new project. Harsha said, “While the garment solves the problem faced by the elderly with putting on clothes, it also encapsulates that feeling of contentment and oneness to the elderly, bringing forth a range of soft breathable, and authentic charm to the wearer”

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