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Journey Of Hina Khan : From TV Sweetheart To Controversial Storm In Bigg Boss

Hina Khan first appeared in a Star Plus daily, named Yeh Rishta Kay Kehlata Hai back in 2009, and then years later she showed up in the hit reality show Bigg Boss. Back in the day, Hina Khan’s character Akshara was your typical television daughter-in-law : blushing, shy and naive. The actress played the character with full passion and utmost dedication, and that led many of us to believe that maybe she really is like Akshara in reality. 

Hina Khan explored many soap tropes that the show could possibly offer within the decade of her playing that character — from a nervous bride to perfect wife, daughter and daughter-in-law, mother to her children and all the while losing a child, and struggling to keep the family together. She did all that before she finally quit the serialisation after a 20 year time skip arc. Her character remains one of the most iconic and most remembered in the history of television soaps. 

When Hina left YRKKH, she had nothing in mind and was not seeking for an overnight image makeover. Then came the opportunity of appearing in Bigg Boss 11 as a contestant, and this is when the audience was exposed to a new side of Hina Khan, their beloved television bahu. In the show, Hina was bold and outspoken and stood her ground no matter what. 

Hina told ET Times that appearing in the eleventh season of Bigg Boss was a “game changer.” She became popular not only for her confident and bold personality, but also because of her tasteful fashion.

“But the whole game changed when I went inside the Bigg Boss 11 house. That too not when I was inside the house, it was when I came out of the show. I just wore different clothes in BB 11. When I came out I realised ‘oh my outfits are being liked’, people have seen me in a different light, I have become this fashionista for them. That’s when I made a conscious decision that I will keep this going,” Hina continued with her statement. 

Hina is now working passionately to connect with the fans. She wants to show her fans a lot of other sides of her so they don’t get used to her in one character or personality. She wants them to see her versatility, and so far she is proving herself strong. 

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