In a promotional video released via 20th Century Studios India’s YouTube account for his film “Free Guy”, Canadian Actor Ryan Reynolds shared a message with his Indian fans. Talking about various aspects and elements of the film, Ryan compared his film to a typical Bollywood movie.  “Hello, India. My new movie Free Guy has a guy named ‘Guy’ who is quite the Romeo, a girl who is out of his league, a crazy villain, some insane action and, of course, dancing. If you are wondering if Hollywood is just mimicking Bollywood now, well, the answer is yes. We have no shame. No shame at all,” he joked.

Ryan Reynolds for upcoming film “Free Guy”.

As the video went viral, Bollywood actress Kangana Ranaut reacted to Reynolds’ statement through an Instagram story, saying, “And stealing our screens.” Kangana has often spoken about Hollywood films dominating the domestic theatre. In a statement made at a press conference, Kangana said, “We need to discourage American and English movies as they are taking over our screens. We need to behave like one nation. We need to stop dividing ourselves like North India or South India. We need to enjoy our own films first, be it Malayalam, Tamil, Telugu, or Punjabi.”

 On the work front, Kangana’s latest release ‘Thalaivi’, a biopic on late actress-turnedpilitician Jayalalitha, is enjoying huge success. Apart from this, she will also be seen in ‘Tejas’. Directed by Sarvesh Mewara, this film features Kangana in the role of an air force pilot. She also announced her new project, ‘The Incarnation-Sita’ directed by Alaukik Desai where she will be seen playing the titular character.

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