Kiara Advani and Sidharth Malhotra have perfectly immortalized Captain Vikram Batra and Dimple Cheema’s love story on the silver screen in their latest release ‘Shershaah’. The audience has been moved to tears not just because of Captain Vikram Batra’s bravery on the war front. But his relationship with girlfriend Dimple has also stirred emotions. Kiara Advani, who played the role of Dimple Cheema in ‘Shershaah’, recently told a news portal that she had messaged Dimple after the movie. Respecting her privacy, Kiara added that ‘Shershaah’ must have been an emotional movie for her. The actress further revealed that Captain Batra’s family told her she was exactly like Dimple in the movie and their words made Kiara teary. Kiara expressed that Dimple must be proud that the story of ‘Sherhsaah’ is resonating with people.

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Interestingly, Kiara met Dimple Cheema in real life, before she started work on ‘Shershaah’. Speaking about the same Kiara had told BT in an interview, “Meeting Dimple Cheema was the most important emotional aspect of making this film. We had not even started shooting when we met and it was the best part of the prep. She gave me an insight into her mind and her heart which then helped me emote better on screen. It was Vishal Batra, Captain Vikram Batra’s twin brother, who helped us meet each other. I wanted to understand her closely and emulate her as close to reality as I could. We incorporated Punjabi dialogues because she is from Punjab. It was an overwhelming and emotional experience for me to play Dimple.”

Dimple Cheema and Captain Vikram Batra were in a committed relationship in the late 90s. Dimple chose to remain unmarried after Captain Vikram Batra was martyred on the battlefield during the Kargil War in 1999.

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