A case has been registered against actor Rajat Bedi in Mumbai’s DN Nagar Police Station. For allegedly hitting a person with his car in Andheri, Mumbai. The actor brought the injured, Rajesh Doot, to Cooper hospital. He told the hospital that he had hit Rajesh with his car, as per news agency ANI. The victim is in critical condition.

In its tweet, ANI wrote, “Case registered against actor Rajat Bedi in DN Nagar PS for allegedly hitting a person with his car in Andheri area The actor brought the injured to Cooper hospital, where he (actor) told he had hit the victim with his car. Victim admitted to hospital: DN Nagar police.”

FIR has been filed against Rajat Bedi for allegedly hitting a man with his car

According to Mid-Day, Rajesh’s family said that the actor promised to help them. However, he left sometime later and didn’t return. Milind Kurde, the senior Inspector at DN Nagar Police Station, told the news website that an FIR has been file against Rajat Bedi under relevant Sections of the IPC and Motor Vehicles Act. Although he is save from the hands of the cops. Rajesh’s wife Babita Doot said. “The incident occurred at 6.30 pm when my husband was returning from work and he was drunk. Actor Rajat Bedi, who was driving his car, hit my husband when he was crossing the road. He fell down, sustaining injuries to the back of his head.”

She added, “At the hospital, Bedi told us that my husband suddenly came in front of the car. He assured us help and said that both he and his driver Suresh were there at the hospital. But after some time, he said he was leaving briefly, but never came back.”Informing about Rajesh Doot’s health condition, a doctor told Mid-Day, “His condition is too critical, as he sustained head injuries. He is in the ICU and on oxygen support. He urgently needs blood.”

Rajesh has two children, Anshika, 13, and Tejasvi, 7.

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