Hallyu, written in Hangeul as 한류, translates as “The Korean Wave”. This term is used to describe the export of Korean TV, movies, music, cosmetics, and fashion, which began flowing over all of Asia during the 1990s and took to large parts of the Western world at the beginning of this century. Besides achieving their goals, Generation Z is all about binge-watching a series/dramas and gossip about it with their friends. Korean dramas have now become one of the most famous things that are being watched. 

The question is why Korean dramas are so popular and are being watched by millions of people every day? 

Keep reading you are going to find the most amazing reasons about this Korean wave across the country. 

Easy to understand- Korean dramas are hot on video streaming sites like Hulu and Netflix. Currently airing dramas can’t be subtitled and loaded quickly enough to satisfy their English-speaking audience.

Eye – candy – the stars of the Korean drama are very attractive. 

Variety of topics-  Korea has continued to make high-quality drama series centred around topics such as first love, historical characters, family, revenge, schools, and recently there has been an increase in medical dramas as well with titles such as “Good Doctor”, “Timeslip Dr Jin”, “Doctor Stranger”, and the most recent “Yong Pal”

Cultural appeal– it’s educational. Watching foreign dramas lets you absorb information about a different culture without the hassle of dreary studying.

Cool clothes–  The style in dramatizations has an unequivocal pattern offer. Many outfits are directly from the runway. The extras are similarly just about as astonishing as the garments. Dramatization stars dress the way a large portion of us would in our fantasies.

Precious moments- There are oodles of meme-worthy moments in K-dramas. Some are funny, some are cute, the best is both. And the gags will feel new to people who haven’t seen much Asian television.

Tempting food- A crucial part of the Korean Wave is certainly also the Korean cuisine. While the Western palates have been accustomed to (westernized) Chinese and Japanese food for quite some time, a lot of Korean restaurants are starting to bloom. The same holds for Korean snacks and beverages, particularly soju which can now be bought in most Asian markets around the world.

Some of the most famous K dramas are Most to Heaven, hospital playlist, the flower of evil, my mister and many more. Now, since you know enough reasons why to watch Korean dramas, it’s time for you to binge-watch Korean dramas with lots of popcorns.

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