Kpop Idols breaking Korean beauty stereotypes and gender norms

Often, Korean society emphasizes unachievable beauty standards. Pre and post debut, Kpop idols have to stick to an immense diet and vigorous workouts. Deprived of any personal social life, such intense schedules and poor diets can read to major health risks. The Korean beauty standards are very toxic and are practically not attainable. Some Korean beauty standards include small figures, small faces, V-shaped jawlines, pale skin, double eyelids, flawless skin, and larger eyes.

Being a Kpop idol isn’t all glamorous and fun. It comes with its book of terms and conditions. From perfect bodies to non-existent social life, the life of a Kpop idol gets harder day after day. Kpop idols must adhere to strict beauty standards in Korea. Despite this, some idols are out there embracing their flaws and breaking those boundaries.

1. Jihyo (Twice)

Park Ji-Hyo is a member of the famous South Korean girl group Twice. She holds the position of leader and main vocalist. In her debut years, she was heavily criticized mainly because of her weight. Although she was very far from being fat, she had to hear those mean comments about her weight and tanned skin. However, Jihyo has started embracing her natural color and shocks us every time with her heavenly visuals in every comeback. Jihyo is OUR visual goddess.

2. Amber Liu (fx)

Amber is a Taiwanese-American singer, rapper, and songwriter. She first debuted in a South Korean girl group called F(x). She was the first member of the group to make a solo debut. After such great achievements, Amber did, however, receive a lot of comments because of her tomboy avatar. Featuring a boyish appearance and a tattoo covering almost the entire sleeve, Amber has defied the ideals of Korean beauty and gender norms. Despite receiving criticism because of her appearance, Amber continues to do what she loves. As she should!

3. G-Dragon (Big Bang)

Even before the trend began to catch on, the star G-dragon was rocking them since 2012. He is a South Korean rapper, entrepreneur, fashion designer, and much more. Known as the ‘King of K-pop’, he was also the leader of the group Big Bang. Big Bang went on to become one of the most famous boy bands. 

Besides avant-garde hairstyles, he has proved that womenswear can be worn by a man as well. The star has been spotted wearing skirts and handbags. Aside from such a cool combination, he also dressed in designer outfits from head to toe. Featured in Vogue Korea 2020, he was wearing a Chanel lace top with layers of pearl necklaces. It would be appropriate to say that it’s G-Dragon’s world and we just live in it.

4. RM (BTS)

Though the leader of BTS was adorable and sexy, he was considered to be unattractive. His dimples and flawless looks make him irresistible, so how could they not be attractive? Kim Nam Joon, known as RM, is the leader and rapper of the well-known boy band BTS. Other than that, he also is a rapper-songwriter and record producer under BigHit Music. 

People used to make fun of his eccentric hairstyles and tanned skin. Since he had dimples, people would call it an abnormality. This was primarily because they feared his smooth skin would be disrupted. Well, we all believe in Kim Nam Joon’s supremacy.   

5. Hwasa (MamaMoo)

Born in 1995, Hwasa is an award-winning South Korean singer, songwriter, and rapper. Moreover, she is a famous television personality as well. She made her debut in the girl group MamaMoo in 2014. Due to her gorgeous thick body and bold outfits, she received a lot of backlashes. She has a beautiful, curvy body which makes her a compelling performer on stage. Hwasa is an inspirational role model for many Kpop idols out there. She may not have ideal Korean features but her unique look makes us fall in love with her even more. YOU DO YOU, QUEEN!


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