Kylie Jenner who has been into the new from quite some time because of the endless expectations about her baby bump confirmed that she is pregnant with her second child. She is having the second baby with her partner Travis Scott. Reportedly, the couple has initially decided to get separated but over time they again found bond with each other and decided to come back together.

Kylie Jenner who had her first baby Stormi Webster with Travis Scott in 2018, is back with the good news. The 24 year old model/businesswoman confirmed the rumors about her pregnancy on her Instagram through a beautiful video. The video captured the expressions and reactions of her family member as they got to know about the good news.

The video also captured the father of the child, Travis Scott and his uncontrollable happiness. Kylie’s Momager’s reaction was the most adorable in the whole video. Stormi who is the big sister of the baby was elated to hear the news. Kylie Jenner also showed pictures of the sonogram. Fans who had been anticipating the Kylie’s pregnancy were happy and in tears after watching the video.

Kylie who had been initially not declaring her pregnancy, posted pictures of her baby bump. The model went on her social media and posted pictures of her in an all white look with strappy heels. Kylie was seen wearing a white dress and a white oversized coat.  Nonetheless, she looked absolutely stunning in the pictures. This was her first post after the news of her pregnancy.
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