Lucky Ali is one of the greatest singers of all times. Whether it is the old or the young crowd, people of all age groups love hearing him because of his melodious voice that can literally make your heart melt away. Whether it is songs from Tamashaa, Oh sanam or a variety of more hits, his songs are loved by everyone.

The crowd in Hyderabad went mad over Lucky Ali’s iconic performance. Last time he was seen playing at a beach, and as usual the crowd vent viral with his melodious voice. The vibe of the whole place was lit with everyone enjoying time with their families at the beach. He again took over the stage in the biryani capital with a power-pack performance.

The song writer, composer and singer performed live for his fans at The Heart Cup Coffee for the crowd. The also sang ‘O Sanam’ for the crowd there and everyone went mad with the song. A crowd of thousand people gathered over there to look at the legend singing. The legendary and distinctive voice of the singer is what attracted the crowd.

The event was also witnessed by singers like Bhuwin Khursjia and Samar Mehndi. Lucky Ali didn’t leave a chance of leaving the crowd with soulful heartfelt songs. The singer also went live on Instagram and made the others enjoy the event too.

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