Money Heist is back on Netflix OTT with its new volume. While the fans are excited, many are giving spoilers for the series. The Netflix series received a huge response from people all over the world. Money Heist fans are hooked on the latest season of the series. Fans are excited and are in full spirit for the next volume. Many people also binge watched the series on the night of the release.

What’s new is that the fans have spotted a Pakistani professor AKA Seirgo. The Professor who plays the main lead executing every heist with his mind and amazing plans, has been everyone’s favourite. The fans spotted a man in a Kirana(grocery) store in Pakistan who looked totally alike Professor from Money Heist. The resemblance between the two made a huge viral.

The man who worked at the local store wore the exact same glasses and the resemblance of his facial features to that of Alvaro Morte gave a huge viral content for Money Heist fans. The Spanish series is breaking all the records with its immense popularity. A username Malaika shared the picture on her twitter. The fans took over twitter and started writing comments like, “Professor planning his new heist” and “Professor’s Pakistani connection”.

During the second heist many characters have been executed by the police. While the climax will leave you in tears the full episodes will leave you wondering what will happen next. Interestingly, during one of the heist the professor was also seen making contact with Pakistan.

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