Actor Nakuul Mehta and wife Jankee who have recently been blessed with a baby boy shared pictures of their adorable child. Nakuul and Jankee have been quite active on their social medias, talking to the fans. The couple shared the first look of their child with the fans.

Nakuul and Jankee shared a beautiful video of their adorable son doing different activities. The fans and family of the couple congratulated them. The kid became a talk of the town because of his adorable looks and extremely gorgeous eyes. The internet has been drooling over the kid’s appearance. While Nakuul is out for work he seldom gets time to spend with his family and making full use of that, he shared a picture of the cute mom-son duo spending time together.

Jankee also revealed that she sings, dances and does alot of other activities. Jankee wrote, “Yes! That’s right! I do this all day, everyday… I sing to him, dance for him, cuddle him, turn him around, roll him up, tuck him in and kiss him every 10 seconds. I do all sorts of different things to entertain @babysufim from morning to night. And yet, I can’t get enough of him. Do all new parents feel the same way?”

She further added, “P.S – Mumma wearing Dadda’s shirt while he’s away burning the midnight oil at work. A little message for Dadda when he does watch the video:- ‘Dear Dadda.. don’t come back and hide your shirt, again… Love ya’ @nakuulmehta.” We are in complete awe with the mother son duo.

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