Actress Payal Ghosh escapes an acid attack by masked men while she was returning home after buying medicines in Andheri, Mumbai. As she was about to get in her car, a few masked men tried to attack her and take away her belongings. As per the actresses’ recount of events, they were carrying acid with them as she saw a bottle in their hands. 

However Payal did not relent and showed major courage by standing strong on her ground. In the end, she managed to escape but still got some minor physical injuries.

The incident has left a permanent scar on the actress’ mental health and she states that she is traumatised by the event. Payal says, “I know I screamed for help and that’s the reason they ran away. They did hit me with a rod on my head, but luckily no injuries on the head, and hand I have got injuries as they hit on hands also. I couldn’t see their faces. I and my brother will go and do an FIR in this matter.”

The actress was definitely shocked as something like this has never happened to her before. We wish for her quick recovery and send her our best regards.

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