Away from the chaotic city life and the stress of the pandemic, we all want to lie down without any stress and chill. Similarly, we can see Bollywood actors and actresses also going for vacations and having fun. Recently, while actors and actresses are going on vacation abroad, Preity Zinta was seen having a gala time in her house in Shimla.

The monsoons are the best times to visit hill stations, making use of her time Preity Zinta visited her apple orchard in Shimla. The place is her childhood home and she loves visiting there. Amidst all the stress, a vacation that too back home is a pleasure for anyone.Preity Zinta spent her childhood at the same place in Shimla. She has a beautiful place with gardens, royal rooms and grandeur. The place is a delight to anyone’s eyes.

Hills are one of the most tourist attracted places these days. Shimla is a hill station in Himachal Pradesh, India. The place is a beautiful combination of hills and natural beauty. Filled with trees, forests, flowers and nature the place is a happy place for Preity. In the city, she shared a glimpse from her personal apple orchard from her house.

Preity also reminisced her past fond memories and put a lovely caption describing her childhood. “I was so excited to see apple trees after so long that the minute it stopped raining I ran out and made this video. Glad I did so cuz minutes after it was pouring again. ”She also added, “Going back home to our family farm during apple season after so many years was an emotional & exhilarating experience. Growing up, this place was dominated by the larger than life presence of my Grandfather, Grandmother and Rajinder Mamaji & Uma Mamiji. We spent the best days of my childhood here.”

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