Randeep Hooda has been accused of cheating and false promises by Bollywood scriptwriter Priya Sharma. Priya has even filed a legal notice against the actor in court. The sources believe that Priya was promised of awarding with cash in return of her work but the actor and his fellow team members did not fulfill their promise.

According to Priya’s statement, Randeep Hooda and his colleagues assured the women that she will be paid for her work. Priya Sharma handed the team scripts and songs written by her over last 15 years with dedication and immense hardwork. She further added that she tried contacting them on calls and messages but they wouldn’t return to any of her texts or calls. Even when the team planned meeting with Priya they would keep postponing them.

AS the rightful owner, Priya also explained how they denied and ignored her when she asked Randeep’s team to return her scripts and songs. Priya also alleged Randeep Hooda and his team of threatening her when she refused to return back the scripts. As a step against this indignity, Priya had to file a case in court.

Randeep Hooda has been slammed with a 10 crore legal notice by Priya Sharma. Priya has filed the complaint to the Range Commissioner of Haryana’s Director General of Police, Faridabad via mail. She also demanded a public apology from the actor and his team for their unjust behavior.

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