The B-Town relationships have always been into talks because of the never ending breakups and patch-ups. One of the couple that has been in the headlines is Ali Fazal and Richa Chadha. The couple has been seen together in multiple movies. The two have never been together in chemistry but there offline chemistry is loved by their fans.

Ali and Richa moved together last November and things have been going quite well for the two since then. Richa Chadha opened up about her relationship about moving in with boyfriend. She talked about how it feels like a miracle to have found Ali. She opened about how things have been working in between the two.

Richa talked about how the couple divided their chores and give each other space to work and relax. She also talked about egalitarian household. She also explained how Ali has become a cat parent taking care of their cat. Ali Fazal is known for his good cooking skills and hence, handles most of the cooking within the house. Richa further added that their relationship is pure, complete and deep. The couple was supposed to get married last year but their plans got postponed.

“We are really good friends. We are thick as friends. We started as friends. We started with conversations about literature, theatre, our common passions, music and poetry. So our base is very strong that way. Because of this, now that we started living together, there is no unnecessary burden on me alone to be taking care of the house or household things, things like dealing with the carpenter or the plumber. We manage all that quite well.” Said Richa Chadha.

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