Recently, actress Rubina Dilaik surprised fans with engagement pictures of her younger sister Jyotika, who was also seen with her in Bigg Boss. Fans have been showering blessings and good wishes. Rubina in an exclusive interview with Mid Day, revealed some details about this special ceremony. 

“Believe it or not, Jyotika and Rajat’s engagement was planned in just a couple of days, less than four days. We had a Diwali function and then a major celebration in our village that happens two days after Diwali that the rest of India celebrates. So we are super busy for those four days with tradition and culture celebrating in Pahadi style. We just had 3-4 days to plan the engagement and thought let’s give it a shot. The parents decided on a date which happened to be November 5th. 4th was Diwali, 5th was the engagement and we had to be back in our village on 6th and 7th for our traditional Diwali celebrations. So it was just Rajat’s family – his parents, our parents and Abhinav and I of course. It was a private affair where rings were exchanged and set up at a beautiful venue,” Rubina says.  

She also shares how her and family feel about Rajat. “Our bond with Rajat always felt like family. He’s so humble, extremely caring and gives personal attention to every family member. That’s what makes him so special.”

When asked about the bond between the sisters, Rubina said, “We are three sisters, I’m the eldest, Rohini is in Canada and Jyotika is the youngest. Out of the three of us she is the most caring who pays attention to small details. She’s also the most pampered because she’s the baby girl of the family. She cannot live without mom or dad, and has to be back home every weekend to eat Mumma ka haath ka khana and to spend time with dad. When I’m in Mumbai she calls to check on me and my work schedule. If I’m not well she calls me multiple times and ensures mom comes down to see me. She video calls our sister in Canada to find out about her day. That’s extremely inspiring about Jyotika.”

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