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Sabyasachi faces heavy critique for his latest ad campaign

After Sabyasachi’s latest collaboration with H&M, things didn’t go so well for him. The Sabyasachi x H&M sparked some heat due to the inflated price tags. This time the backlash is towards the ad campaign of intimate jewelry collection launched by the designer. 

We all know how impactful Social media is these days. It is a very powerful platform where every netizen can network with other each other and share their ideas and opinions. It is a platform to express oneself, including their likes and dislikes.  When Sabyasachi released their fine intimate jewelry collection pictures online, the netizens didn’t take it too well. 

The collection claims to feature a royal Bengal mangalsutra 1.2 and Bengal Tiger Icon. In India, Mangalsutra holds a sacred significance where a woman wears it from the day she’s married to her man and is considered a sacred thread to the relationship between them. The price wasn’t the issue this time as they weren’t revealed but the pictures that showed intimacy along with the sacred jewelry stirred up the chaos. The series of pictures featured models with jewelry and outfits like lingerie, sarees, and other clothing items. 

As the comments above spammed their Instagram handle, Twitter didn’t hold back either. It raised disheartenment among people over religious sentiments being hurt and not respected.

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