Sara ali khan’s first look from ‘mission frontline’

Recently Sara Ali Khan shared her poster from the documentary ” Mission frontline “. Sara’s intense fierce look will surely give you goosebumps. Audiences can witness her veerangana avatar in the show.

Sara Ali khan took to her Instagram story and shared a poster from the upcoming show ‘Mission frontline” With discovery+ original. Sharing the poster she wrote ‘#salutingher’.

In the show audience will see her performing powerful physical training with the country’s first female commando unit, veerangana rifle in Assam. She is seen as a gallant warrior with a rifle in her hand. Sara Ali Khan is also seen bravely engaging in combat with a commando in the rain. She is wearing an all black tank top and cargo pants. Sara revealed that the show will premiere on 13 of August 2021 on discovery+.During the course of the shooting, she interacted with the personnel of the special female commando unit of the Assam police.

Bollywood actress Sara Ali Khan also trained alongside the other ‘Veeranganas’.

Sara Ali Khan spotted in Guwahati a month back to shoot the second season of ‘Mission frontline’. Although photos from the same are not shared by her, fan clubs took to the social media to share glimpses of Sara’s training as a commando in Assam with Veerangana force.

Veerangana force is India’s first female commando unit to be established to tackle crime against women in Assam. This special battalion was established in 2013 to check crime against women. They dress up in black and wear a cap. This special platoon breaks a myth of masculine supremacy of physical strength.

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