In this maddening fierce competition of creativity, a digital marketing agency named SEO Space has been emerging in Texas.

The founder of the company Kumar Anurag from India is extremely skilled at tech tactics. Leaving the lavish corporate job behind and experimented with his capabilities in the digital world and moved towards his vision to serve beyond himself.

Founded in 2019, it was based on an insight to transform traditional businesses into complete digitalization, encourage entrepreneurs to take leverage of the digital world, and be the best digital marketing agency. Moreover, they have served over 1000+ businesses that moved online successfully alone in the US and 2000+ businesses in India. and the next on their list is to expand their reach in the entire US.

During our chat, Anurag shared lots of his insights, he said, “We all know how cutthroat the competition is and infinite choices are to choose the best digital marketing agency, but our targeted audiences are the ones who aren’t aware or less aware of the digital world. As we are about people and give value to customer experience over anything and be the best digital marketing agency who actually works for them and not for the money only”

Furthermore, he told that “SEO Space is not the unicorn million-dollar business idea. In fact, we are the basic service providers. SEO Space is a place where you can shop for all your worries. We provide services like Web Designing, App Development and now, we have stepped up our game and integrated all our marketing tasks with artificial intelligence. We help passionate entrepreneurs and other brands to grow together online. We value every penny and try to figure out ways on how to convert every penny to many pence for the businesses we are working for”.

The startup using deep learning technologies and tools that help businesses to grow without having to depend on machine learning expertise. Anurag told us, “applications make life easier. With that said, we want to help enterprises of every size and boost the efficiency with automation and increase ROI and also ease the work of manpower and cutting all the errors”.

SEO Space is focused on understanding the entire US marketing and keeps upgrading their AI technology in order to give better to their customers and businesses. Since India and the US market are yet opposite but have a huge potential individually.

Since the pandemic has shaken the world quite hard, the startup has been contributing as much as they can to the small enterprises, offering their services for free and doing their part to save those who lost their jobs due to Covid-19 in India and the US as well.

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