Shilpa Shetty has been talked about the most on social media since the Mumbai Police has arrested her husband Raj Kundra last month. He was sued on the alleged connection with a pornography racket. Since then, she chose to be away from the audience to gather herself up.

After a week of being away, she returned to the sets on Super Dancer enthusiastically. The set crew and the other two judges supported her emotionally. The performances by the little kiddos of the show made her quite emotional on her comeback.

Recently, the actress made a statement to the cops claiming that she was not aware of the misdoings of her husband as she was busy with her work, according to a supplementary charge-sheet filed by the police in a court in connection with a case pertaining to pornographic films.

Shilpa’s statement is a part of the nearly 1,500-page charge sheet filed before the magistrate on Wednesday by the cops against Raj Kundra and his associate, Ryan Thrope. The case again Raj Kundra is related to the creation of pornographic films and publishing them through apps.

According to the charge sheet, Shilpa told the police that she didn’t know anything about the Hotshots and Bollywood Fame Apps that were allegedly used by the accused of uploading and streaming the contents.

Another actress, Sherlyn Chopra also gave her statement related to the case. She stated that Kundra had approached her to work for the Hotshot app “without any hesitation”. She was also told that the app would have more bold videos, but she refused.

The actress further told that she had signed a contract with the firm Armsprine Media Pvt. Ltd. For creating the mobile app named ‘Sherlyn Chopra App.’ The director of the firm was Saurabh Kushwah and Raj Kundra. She claimed that as per the agreement, she had to get 50 percent of the revenue. However, she never got her shares.

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