Shilpa Shetty Kundra is an Indian actress, film producer, dancer, author, businesswoman, and former model who pre-dominantly appeared in Bollywood films. Shetty made her screen debut in the thriller Baazigar. The film won her two Filmfare Awards nominations, including one for Best Supporting Actress. She followed it with a leading role in the highly successful action comedy Main Khiladi Tu Anari, in which she played a dual role.

Shilpa is involved in several fitness campaigns such as the Fit India Movement, launched by the Government of India. She was awarded the Champions of Change Award for her work in the Swachh Bharat Mission cleanliness campaign. From 2009 to 2015, she was a part-owner of the Indian Premier League team, Rajasthan Royals. She is one of the judges of Super Dancer Chapter 4.

However, her personal and professional life took a turn as her husband Raj Kundra got arrested in a pornography case. She was mentally depressed and chose to stay away from the public for a couple of days. Now, Shilpa has returned to her work with refreshing enthusiasm.

According to sources it is being said Shilpa is planning a life ahead away from her incarcerated husband with her two children. She wishes her children to be away from the controversies he is currently being investigated for.

A friend of the actress spoke about the troubles Shilpa has been facing due to her husband. The friend was quoted as saying, “Raj Kundra’s trouble isn’t going away in a hurry. On the contrary, they seem to be multiplying every week. The disclosure of Raj Kundra’s alleged link with adult content came as much a shock to Shilpa as to the rest of us. She had no clue that the diamonds and duplex were coming from nefarious resources.”

Furthermore, the friend revealed that Shilpa has decided to stay away from all the money her husband made through his alleged misdeeds. The friend reportedly added, “She won’t be touching a penny of Kundra’s assets from what we know. She earns a substantial amount of money from judging the reality shows.

She has let it be known in the film industry that she is looking for more film roles after Hungama 2 and the unreleased Nikamma. As per reports, the actress has the support of the film industry. She has told her friends in the industry that she is open to working. She has even received offers from friend and filmmaker Anurag Basu and director Priyadarshan.

As per her friends, Shilpa does not have any problems living a comfortable life. The friend said, “Maintaining her standard of living won’t be a problem for Shilpa. Even if her husband is inside for a long.”

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