Partik Sehajpal has been involved in a number of fights in the Bigg Boss house but the latest fight with Zeeshan Khan was something really dangerous. While the other contestants tried to separate the two from getting physical Zeeshan and Pratik got involved in an ugly physical fight. This led to a really strict decision from Bigg Boss.

Bigg Boss has to evict Zeeshan Khan amidst the week after seeing the ugly fight between Pratik and Zeeshan. The Kumkum Bhagya famed actor got involved in an ugly fight earlier in the day with another contestant, Pratik Sehajpal. In the “Boss Man- Boss lady” task the two got involved in an argument. While the other contestants tried to keep the two apart, in rage Zeeshan Khan pushed Pratik. Bigg Boss immediately asked Zeeshan to leave the show since physical violence is a big NONO! In the Bigg boss house.

After the announcement was made, Pratik Sehajpal jumped in joy and said that this was justified. Zeeshan Khan’s connection Divya Agarwal on the other side, was seen crying and asked Zeeshan to apologise to evade the punishment. Zeeshan Khan shared pictures of his injuries from the fight. He showed his disappointment after being evicted from the house. He posted pictures were he had been injured on his chest and there are also marks on his wrist. His fans took his side and commented him to come back.

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