Siddharth Malhotra is a famous Bollywood actor and former model. He pursued his modeling career at the age of 18. But not satisfied with it, he went on to work as a trainee assistant director to Karan Johar for the film My Name is Khan.

The actor has worked in several films. His most recent one was Shershaah. It is based on Late Vikram Batra’s life. Siddharth played the role of Captain Vikram Batra, while the co-actress Kiara Advani played the role of his lover, Dimple Cheema. There is no denying that they showed special chemistry between them.

Since the movie release, the duo has been often seen in headlines for their rumoured romance. However, they have neither agreed nor rejected the rumour. Recently, a news portal asked Siddharth if he was going to get married. To this the actor casually said that he is not an astrologer, thus he doesn’t know when will it happen. Siddharth also added that there is no timeline for such a thing, but just that it has to be done correctly.

Revealing about his bonding with the actress Kiara Advani in an interview, Siddharth said, “I think even personally, there is a sense of regularness to her, which we both connect on. I am a boy who is from Delhi and I am not connected to the industry per se, but now have been here for many years. She has been working for a couple of years as well. We both have lives away from the industry and that is something that we connect on and cherish. Sometimes you get so embroiled in all these things that you forget to have a regular life. I think both of us have regular lives and that’s what we connect on.”

According to reports Kiara had said Siddharth is one of her closest friends in the industry. She stated, “As a co-star, Sidharth is extremely driven and focused. He loves to prep a lot and does a lot of readings. That’s very similar to the way I like to work on a film. So, in that sense, we got along very well. As a friend, I’d say he is one of my closest friends in the industry. I think, even as a friend, he’s full of life and always fun to be around.”

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