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Squid Game Cast dishes on the Origins of the creepy doll, global success, and more on “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon”

The cast of “Squid Game” made an appearance on “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon” to talk about their show and share their thoughts on its global success and bts.

Lee Jung Jae started the interview by explaining the plot of the hit show, describing the mysterious survival game with a reward of 45.6 billion won (approximately $40 million) that his character Sung Ki Hoon, along with 455 others, fight to the death in.

Jimmy Fallon brought to light how well the show is doing worldwide, hitting No. 1 in 90 countries. When he asked Park Hae Soo who plays Jo Sang Woo, when he realized the show became so big, the actor responded, “Right now,” making the audience burst into laughter.

As for what he thinks helps viewers around the world connect to the show Wi Ha Jun answered, “I definitely think the Korean children’s games are part of the appeal. That can be very original, refreshing, and also shocking at the same time to the global viewers. I also feel like we did a good job expressing the true human nature of raw greed and human nature that took place inside the games, which I believe resonates with a lot of the audiences.”

These questions led to the conversation on the eerie doll that was featured in the Red Light, Green Light game. Jung Ho Yeon explained that the doll was inspired by a character that often appears in children’s textbooks named Young Hee.

The cast revealed more insights such as how Park Hae Soo became a father on the day of the show’s premiere to a baby boy now nicknamed “Baby Squid.” They also explained how a scene with an outtake of Jung Ho Yeon struggling to keep her laughter in made it in the show!

Watch the full interview below!

The cast also played a set of fun games and in a separate segment of “schoolyard games” like slapsies, egg and spoon races and more. Watch Below:

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