K-Drams over a span of time have gained a lot of popularity and fans. While most of the people are shifting to K-dramas, the public attraction has resulted in a higher rate of making of these dramas. Netflix is back with yet another K-drama “Squid.” The drama was initially announced by Netflix in 2019.

The series will primarily be based on the teen game from the 70s and 80s known as Squid game. The cast includes Lee Jung-Jae who will be seen in the role of a business failure, a divorcee in debt who has gambling issues. Lee Jung-Jae is quite famous for his popularity in Korea for his acting and his modelling career. Some of his best works includes “The housemaid”, “Assassin” and “Sandglass”.

The show will be 8 episodes long that will range to 60 minutes each. The show will be airing separately from 17 September, 2021. The trailer clearly shows that the show will be a thriller and will be love and appreciated by everyone all around the world. The cast also includes Park Hae-asoo playing Sang-woo, Wi ha-Joon, Heo Sung-tae, Kim Joo-ryung and many more.

The show will highlight the life of a gangster who wants to change his life around but people are there to make fun of him. We are totally excited for the cast to roll the Ott screens.

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