Hollywood trends everywhere, be it a movie or fashion. Everybody thinks Hollywood fashion is more approachable. There are very few people who praise the beauty and incredibility of Bollywood fashion as not everyone understands the real essence of B-town.

One of those rare legends who is uplifting B-town fashion is Suman Guha.

A designer is someone who wears a spectacle of colors & visions and sees the world with a different perspective, has the sparkle to create and present the thing to the world in a unique way.

Fashion designer Suman Guha is one of the prominent personalities of the fashion designing industry. He has worked with great photographers of the country and also makes a remarkable impression in numerous fashion shows.

Fashion Designer Suman Guha

Guha encourages and works on the concept of popularizing Bollywood fashion, he believes that Bollywood designs should be approachable and easy for the masses. With this spectacular outlook, the Bollywood fashion industry.

Now you might be wondering when and how this idea clicked Guha’s mind?

In one of his interviews, Guha revealed that he was mesmerized by the fusion of winterwear in Milan fashion week and from thereafter, he started working on the idea of Indian wear fused with fur.

Photoshoot of Sandeepa Dhar designed by Suman Guha

His designs are pocket-friendly and never leave a chance to steal the hearts of the masses. You can fall for those colorful outfits without a second thought.

Guha’s never-ending nature love can be clearly seen in his photoshoots, he also, prohibits the use of animal fur and skin for his attires which means he is not only a great designer but also, a great human being.

It is a thing to be greatly appreciated because in the race of fame and money people usually forget about their duties towards the environment.

He got nominated for a national award & worked with the finest directors of the film industry. He has recognition & credit for 38 movies in this basket, which is quite impressive & inspiring for the upcoming designers.

He was also a costume designer for many movies like Arshi Nagar, Aschorjo Prodip, Elar Char Adhay and has worked with the great-known director of the industry.

Lately, his work can be seen in the new series of Ekta Kapoor live on Zee5 “MUM BHAI”

MUM BHAI series shoot

Recently, Guha released his latest collection in the contemporary photoshoot. The fashion industry shows an upward trend with lots of colorful improvements. Guha sees himself to be a part of Milan fashion week.

Guha keeps bringing his precious ideas from his treasure box of styles.

He always strives for new things and communicates his works adapting the glamourous vision of the industry.

Photoshoot of Nia Sharma designed by Suman Guha

We can’t deny the fact that Guha is an inspiration for a lot of people dreaming to become fashion stylists.

It’s a matter of pride how fashion designers like Suman Guha are making people believe to follow fashion trends and trust quality over quantity.

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